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When innovation serves Sustainability

 Being sustainable is a long battle and Innovation can be seen as a winning tool. Doted with a professional laboratory, Dalat Hasfarm has started developing its own predator insects and micro-organisms since 2014. Using Bio-Pro® we aim to reduce the presence of chemical residue on our different crops. Safer for our customers, protective for our workers and the environment. The usage of Bio-Pro® has been further extended to local farmers as well, not only in floriculture but also in vegetable production.

Discover the Bio-Pro® range!

Group 1: Beneficial Fungi

Bio-Pro® Tricho             Bio-Pro® Beve

Bio-Pro® Mite                Bio-Pro® Tricho Harzianum

Bio-Pro® Verti               Bio-Pro® Nema

Fusarium, rhizoctonia, phytopthora, pythium, nematodes and soil pathogen diseases, white flies, thrips, mealybugs, mites, root nematodes.

Group 2: Beneficial insects

Bio-Pro® Ambly

Bio-Pro® Ambly 2

Bio-Pro® Hypo

Thrips, whitefly,  spider mites, nematodes, Collembola and Duponchelia fovealis eggs.

Potted soil

 Our Bio-Pro® team have recently developed a 5L potted soil bag to be introduced in the market. We believe in the growing demand of solutions for better care of our pot plants by the end-consumers.