AnswerHow to prolong the life of flowers?
Care tips to maximize the vase life of flowers:


- Always use a clean vase. Clean the vase with chlorine and detergent. Do not use metal vases.            - Use flower food with appropriate dosing prescription.

- Remove leaves below the rim of the vase.
- Cut 2cm of the stem at a 45 degree angle. To avoid damaging the stem, use a sharp knife or secateurs.

- Topping up with water and flower food when the water has decreased to 1/3 of the height of the vase.

- Remove wilted or damaged flowers.

- Do not spray water on buds and flowers to avoid infection.

- Do not place flowers in direct sunlight, proximity to a heater, smoke and ripe fruits.


- Avoid placing plants near a heater or an air-conditioner or under vents that blow hot or cold air on them.
- Water the plants every 2-3 days with enough water. You will know your plant has had enough by checking water level on the saucer under the pot - so make sure there is a saucer under the pot.
- Should use pots with drainage holes on the bottom or you will not be able to judge how much water the plants need.
- Do not spray water on buds or pot flowers to avoid the growth of diseases.

AnswerHow do I know which varieties of Dalat Hasfarm are available?
Dalat Hasfarm defines on a yearly base its new assortment. Normally this is done in July. All our varieties have an international name and code. Customers can find pictures and information on Dalat Hasfarm website. Our sales department can provide more information on our current assortment.
AnswerWhere can I buy Dalat Hasfarm's flower?
Dalat Hasfarm has different sales teams serving our regular customers. For enquiries, please contact:
  •  WHOLESALES in Vietnam
    South: Cong Hoa Distribution 18 Cong Hoa St., Tan Binh d., HCMC - +84 8 38112801
    Center: Dalat Head Office 450 Nguyen Tu Luc St., Dalat City - +84 63 3824947
    North: Hanoi Distribution 359 Au Co St., Tay Ho d., Hanoi - T. +84 4 3719604

  • End customers, please contact Dalat Hasfarm RETAIL SHOPS at:
    • Saigon:
      266-268 Nguyen Thien Thuat St., d. 3, HCMC - +84 83 830 0416
      Retail strip CR3-14, d. 7, HCMC - +84 8 54137802
      421 Hai Ba Trung St., d. 3, HCMC - +84 83 820 7171
    • Dalat:
      1 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St., Dalat - +84 63 3513131

  • SUPERMARKET: most stores of Metro, BigC and CoopXtra.

    Dalat Hasfarm delivers flowers, both overseas and domestically on a daily base and uses cool trucks to ship from Dalat to HCMC and other domestic destinations. For export, we ship both by air and sea out of HCMC.
AnswerWhat are the distinctive features of Dalat Hasfarm flowers?
All Dalat Hasfarm flowers, foliages and plants are:
- Graded and packed according to international quality standards.
- Well protected by Dalat Hasfarm branded packaging materials.
- Fresh and long lasting because of appropriate cultivation techniques, post-harvest treatment and maintenance of cool chain.
- Exciting assortment with many colors and new varieties.
- Regular choice of consumers in Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam.

AnswerWhat kind of flower products/ services does Dalat Hasfarm offer?
- Products: Dalat Hasfarm is currently supplying the market with a wide range of fresh flowers, life style plants, foliages and floral materials. Most of them are produced or exclusively sourced by Dalat Hasfarm.

- Services: Dalat Hasfarm retail shops are developing floral arrangement services for end consumers as well as businesses as Offices/ Restaurants/ Coffee shops. These include decorations for Wedding, Birthday, Business opening, Funeral Arrangements, etc. As an official member of INTERFLORA - Flowers World Wide, we can deliver flowers internationally as well.
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